• Shatha Almutawa

    Shatha Almutawa

    PhD candidate

    The diversity of disciplines at the Divinity School makes it possible for me to study how…tales traveled from India…to Spain.”

  • Cristina Moon

    Cristina Moon


    The condition is ripe for us to be creative and do something to build a positive model for what it means to be human beings.”

  • Saalika Mela

    Muslim students helped UChicago Dining formulate halal food options

    The demand for halal food is growing across the country, and one of the biggest drivers is activism on university campuses.”

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  • Dr. Melissa Gillam

    Dr. Melissa Gillam

    Chief of Family Planning and Contraceptive Research and Head of Pediatric and Adolescent Gynecology at the University of Chicago Medical Center

    We sometimes…forget some of the basic aspects, such as teaching youth how to treat one another in a respectful way and to respect differences.”

  • Wi Hung

    Wu Hung

    Harrie A. Vanderstappen Distinguished Service Professor of Art History and East Asian Languages & Civilizations

    This show is a conversation between the artists in China and the people of Chicago. We are trying to capture the excitement and reflect a society in transition.”

  • Raghuram Rajan

    Raghuram Rajan

    Eric J. Gleacher Distinguished Service Professor of Finance at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business

    We take for granted that everybody has the same opportunities, but they haven’t.”

  • Geoffrey Stone

    Edward H. Levi Distinguished Service Professor of Law

    Twenty-five years ago no one in this room would have imagined that the Supreme Court of the United States might hold that homosexuals had a constitutional right to marry one another.”

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  • Cassandra Wilson

    Cassandra Wilson

    Jazz Musician

    When you have an opportunity to work with students at that age, you can…have a much more intimate type of communication.”

  • Ameya Pawar

    Ameya Pawar


    Every one will ask you how many campaigns you’ve participated in or what experience you have. Not many will ask if you really just care about the community.”

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  • Rebecca Pallmeyer

    Rebecca Pallmeyer


    My years at the Law School trained me to listen to and understand views very different from my own.”

  • Sandeep Ahuja

    Sandeep Ahuja


    There are hardly any qualified physicians who are willing to work in the slums because living conditions are awful and there’s no money to be made.”

  • Monica Vela

    Monica Vela


    She has just the right set of life experiences to be the leader of this [health care disparities] course. She knows what it means to be a minority patient or a patient with limited means.”

  • Francisco Castillo Trigueros


    I have pieces that have relationships with Mexico, but this will actually be this thing about Mexico, which is very meaningful to me, and I just would not be able to do it without this kind of support.”

  • Benjamin Mays

    AM’25, PhD’35

    My mother never went to school a day in her life, but she prayed that God would help me in my ambition”

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  • Alice Chandler

    Alice Chandler

    77-year employee of the University of Chicago

    The printed program and President’s remarks each year will recognize your years of service. You have been an inspiration to all of us, and I believe that this is an appropriate and well-deserved recognition of your contributions to one of the great universities in the world.”

  • Rudy Nimocks

    Rudy Nimocks

    Director of Community Partnerships

    That’s what a university can do in a neighborhood—get its kids to think differently about their future.”

  • Kim Ransom

    Founding Director of the University of Chicago Collegiate Scholars Program

    My hope is that I will…better know how to use my own gifts…to build leadership in our young people.”

  • Nadia Quarles

    Nadia Quarles

    Assistant Vice President for Business Diversity

    There are a lot of opportunities here for qualified minority- and women-owned businesses.”

  • Micaela Vargas

    Micaela Vargas is an executive assistant for the Office of Civic Engagement

    We’re all ambassadors of the University, and the personal connections we make with members of the community can be far more meaningful than any official meeting.”

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