This archive represents a sampling of the University of Chicago’s commitment to diversity and inclusion over its history.

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“On Equal Terms”: Educating Women at the University of Chicago - Digital Library exhibition detailing the history of women’s education at UChicago from its 1890 founding to student life today.

Experience of Women at the University of Chicago - An archive of three different projects seeking to document the history and role of women at UChicago.

Women’s Changing Roles at the University - This article on library collections about women at UChicago includes links to photo collections and oral history recordings.

Integrating the Life of the Mind - A Special Collections web exhibit featuring photos and historical documents about the role of African Americans at the University of Chicago between 1870 and 1940.

African American Studies - A digital guide to the University Library’s collection of African American Studies manuscripts, archives, and collections.

Mapping the Stacks - UChicago initiative to document and archive collections important to modern African American history throughout Chicago.

Italian Women Writers Collection - Database of writings by Italian Women authors born before 1945.

Ludwig Rosenberger Library of Judaica - Catalog of works on Jewish history and culture, based on the collection of Ludwig Rosenberger.

Provost’s Initiative on Minority Issues Annual Report - A report from the Provost’s Initiative on Minority Issues (PIMI), a committee charged with evaluating the status of diversity programs on campus and making recommendations to the University administration.

Diversity Statement - Based on recommendations from the PIMI annual report, the 2004 Diversity Statement explains the University’s goals and commitment to diversity.

The Kind of University That We Desire to Become: Student Housing and the Educational Mission of the University of Chicago (PDF) - John Boyer, Dean of the College and Martin A. Ryerson Distinguished Service Professor in History, describes the early religious and socioeconomic diversity of the UChicago student body as a part of his paper on the history of the University’s House System.

OMSA Newsletter Sign-Up - This e-newsletter is focused on students of color, and is published by the Office of Multicultural Student Affairs.

(U)Chicago Queer Compass - A guide to campus and Chicago published by the Office of LGBTQ Student Life.

Civic Knowledge Project - An initiative by the UChicago Division of the Humanities to create stronger ties between the University and the surrounding Hyde Park and Woodlawn communities.

You Are Here - A student-built website documenting Hyde Park history and culture for the Civic Knowledge Project.

The Mobilization, Change, and Political and Civic Engagement Project - An investigation of political engagement and electoral behavior, with a focus on youth and minority voters.

Black Youth Project - A project documenting the beliefs and behaviors of black youth, including summaries of research on black youth, a rap-lyrics database, and blog posts by a group of young black authors.

Lesbian and Gay Studies Project - Archives and events by the Center for the Study of Gender and Sexuality related to gay, lesbian, and queer scholarship.

Women in Science Project - A committee dedicated to fostering fellowship and communication between female University faculty, especially in the sciences.