Since the Diversity Leadership Council set out on its mission, it has launched a variety of initiatives on campus, including the annual Diversity Leadership Awards, the annual Professional Services Business Diversity Symposium, the Hispanic and Latino Employee Network and the Campus Conversations speaker series. The University also is currently undertaking a climate survey which has emphasis on diversity and inclusion and the climate for underrepresented groups. This will include attention to issues of race and ethnicity and is to be administered this fall.


The Diversity Leadership Awards seek to recognize University staff and alumni who display leadership in fostering diversity both on campus and within the surrounding community and to highlight, in concert with the University of Chicago Board of Governors, the contributions of alumni who advance the cause of justice and equality in our community and society. The Diversity Leadership Council began giving the awards in 2009.

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The Offices of Business Diversity for the University and the Medical Center sponsor an annual two-day symposium that brings together minority- and women-owned professional service firms for an opportunity to network, make formal presentations and begin building sustainable relationships with University and Medical Center senior decision makers. The inaugural symposium was held in 2009.


Human Resource Services and members of the employment subcommittee of the Diversity Leadership Council launched a new affinity group for Hispanic and Latino UChicago staff members. The new Hispanic and Latino Employee Network was formed to encourage appreciation and respect for diversity and inclusion at the University while providing staff members with a forum to share and exchange ideas, common interests, experiences and challenges.


The Campus Conversations speaker series reflects the Diversity Leadership Council’s mission to build a strong, diverse and inclusive community. As part of this goal, the Council is engaging campus leaders in dialogue with staff throughout the University to strengthen the ability of employees to make continued, positive contributions to the campus environment. Our first Campus Conversation discussion on safety and security was in May 2011. Please see this years list of conversations in our Diversity Leadership Council's Newsletter & List serve notices.


University Representative Ronald Thisted, Vice Provost for Academic Affairs, and a steering committee chaired by Cathy Cohen, David and Mary Winton Green Professor in the Department of Political Science and the College, along with faculty, students, and staff have guided the development and implementation of the 2016 Climate Survey with the help of information gathered through campus feedback and public forums. The current status of the survey which has emphasis on diversity and inclusion and the climate for underrepresented groups, includes attention to issues of race and ethnicity, was administered in the spring. This survey will help to identify factors that attract staff to the University and contribute to their retention, in an effort to develop the most effective policies and programs. Please visit the climate survey website at or provide feedback at to include your comments in the Diversity and Inclusion Action Plan.